Become a Health-Informed Sex Expert


The 20 week certification that will give you the confidence you need to call yourself a Sex Expert, giving your clients ultimate safety by truly understanding their pleasure and health in a integrative, holistic way 












Become a Health-Informed Sex Expert


The 20 week certification that will give you the confidence you need to call yourself a Sex Expert, giving your clients ultimate safety by truly understanding their pleasure and health in a integrative, holistic way 



If you want to fully understand and support your clients you need to be Health-Informed


Working in the sexuality field, we always want to make sure that we are trauma-informed, to create the safest container for our clients. That is 100% fundamental.

However, practitioners many times forget about another pillar of safety: being health-informed. Understanding our clients as a whole, including their physical, mental, social, and energetic health.

If you want your clients to have optimal results, you need to master all aspects that might be keeping them from having the sex life they desire. They need a container where they can fully trust you and the process you are guiding them through.

Understanding their bodies, their pleasure, and their health is absolutely key to that.

Become a Sex Expert

The only course in the market for sex coaches that was designed by a Medical Doctor (Gynaecologist & Obstetrician) who is also a Sex Coach & Pleasure Expert.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about sex: sexual and pleasure anatomy, different types of orgasms, kink & sexual fantasies, safe sex practices, STIs, and much more!



The certification that will teach you all you need to know about sex and pleasure as a health-informed sex expert

This 20 Week Course will certify you to master:

  • Anatomy of Pleasure
  • Pleasure Techniques & Different Kinds of Orgasm
  • Menstrual Cycle, Contraception and Cyclical Living
  • Sexuality in Different Life and Hormonal Phases
  • Integrative Sexual Health
  • Queer and Trans Sex & Health

    ...and much more

"A must for every Sex Coach: Medical knowledge that focuses on pleasure!

This course holds the key to the most important components of our sexual health and well-being and explains them in depth thanks to Isabela’s medical expertise as a doctor."


“I now coach women on sexuality, whereas before I didn’t feel confident enough,

feeling I lacked knowledge and wouldn‚Äôt be able to provide enough high-quality info in certain areas that women with different backgrounds may go through. Pathologies like vaginismus, pelvic floor issues, breast-cancer, but also menopause, pregnancy, queer sex, kinky and other more taboo sexual experiences [...] and so much more‚Ķ‚ÄĚ




  • Module 1: Sexual Desire & Orgasm
  • Module 2: Kink & Sexual Fantasies
  • Module 3: The Sex Geek &¬†Holistic¬†Care
  • Module 4: The Vulva & Clitoris
  • Module 5: The Vagine, G-Zone, Bladder & Squirting
  • Module 6: The Cervix, Uterus, Ovaries & Throat
  • Module 7: Men‚Äôs Sexuality
  • Module 8: The Anus & Rectum
  • Module 9: The Breasts
  • Module 10: The Pelvic Floor
  • Module 11: The Menstrual Cycle & Contraception
  • Module 12: Puberty & Menopause
  • Module 13: Pregnancy, Birth & Post-Partum
  • Module 14: Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Module 15: Queer Sex, Gender & Transgender Health
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Hi, I'm 

After over a decade of studying medicine and working as a gynaecologist and obstetrician, I had an epiphany during a Jade egg practice. An orgasmic experience that opened my eyes to my true mission: to help create a world where people are free to experience more pleasure and no shame.

Pleasure is a learnable skill, and teaching it is my passion.

I have been a teacher to medical students and ObGyn trainees, and have published scientific research in the most prestigious medical papers in my field.

Now, I teach Sex, Love & Relationship Coaches how to best serve their clients, by upgrading their knowledge in Integrative Sexual Health, allowing them to feel confident to create a safe space for clients with any sexual or gynaecological related conditions.

"I will be on Swedish television this weekend!

Feels a bit unreal. In the big weekend show. To¬†talk about pleasure. So grateful that I have taken your course as [...] I KNOW I wouldn‚Äôt have felt so confident and relaxed if I did not have your course with me.‚ÄĚ


"Isabela is so warm, personable, down to earth and authentic. 

She is so well educated and an excellent teacher. She conveys her knowledge very well, the PDFs are informative, clear and full of valuable image material and the workshops and calls are always fun to attend. I am in awe of all her professions, being a doctor, sex coach AND embodying all that she teaches."




Have you ever felt like you would like to have more sexual knowledge when working with a client?

Like you didn't know how to explain to them exactly why some sexual practices are pleasurable and the difference between different types of orgasm?

Would you like to truly understand your client as a whole, in all their different aspects, including health challenges they might be going through that can influence on their sexual and life experience?

Do you want to help them safely explore their sexual freedom, knowing how to prevent and deal with inevitable risks, such as STIs and their stigma?

If so, then The Science of Pleasure certification is definitely for you.

I'll help you become a true health-informed sex expert, giving your clients the safety they need to unlock their pleasure potential and achieve all their desires. 

What You'll Receive

Upon Registration


  • One new module a week (excluding holiday weeks)
  • Live Calls with Isabela and the guest teachers (replays will be available)
  • The exclusive Facebook community to connect with other students
  • The opportunity to obtain a Certificate upon successful completion of the course


Accessibility is a matter of the heart for us. We offer a range of different payment plans to enroll in The Science of Pleasure as seen below. If that is genuinely still not accessible for you, we also give you the opportunity to apply for a full or partial scholarship (check the FAQ below).



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