Pleasure Expert

Sex, Love & Relationships Coach

Pleasure is your birthright and a learnable skill


Having worked as a doctor (OBGYN) for 7 years, it was only after going through my own sexual awakening that I understood how transformative living your authentic sexuality can be!

Since then, I have committed to a 2 years certification to become a Sex, Love & Relationships Coach, along with diving even deeper into my own pleasure journey. 

I mentor my clients to live a healthier, truly orgasmic life, shamelessly exploring their bodies and pleasure.


Do you want to have a more pleasurable sex life and epic orgasms?

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Yes, please!
Working with Isabela has been life-transforming. I have learned to know and understand myself better. I feel like I am more whole, grounded and calm. I have even started to love and accept myself along the process. Isabela has an amazing kind, supportive, individual, and warm approach. I have trusted her 100% and done (most) of my homework exercises, and it has paid off. I highly recommend Isabela's coaching for anyone wanting to dive deeper in themselves - mentally and physically ;)

Kate, 1:1 coaching client

Isabela was so calm and reassuring when I want deep into the process and into lost parts of myself. I felt held and supported whilst going into some pretty painful sensations. I went to another realm altogether but knew she was there as my tether to the present moment.

Heidi, 1:1 coaching client

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