Free Resources

The Science of Squirting:  Mini Masterclass

In this 25 minutes masterclass, we'll answer the most common questions about Squirting: What is it? Is it urine? Where does it come from? And more!

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Debunking Pleasure Myths: All Orgasms are Clitoral

In this free 60 minutes masterclass, we understand why some people in the sexuality field say that all orgasms are clitoral - and why I disagree with that.

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Sexual Desire Journal

The Sexual Desire Journal will help you understand better your sexual desire and what might be influencing on it. I invite you to fill it up daily or weekly. If you decide to complete it weekly, try to do it on a different day of the week each time, as the day of the week might also influence your desire.

5 Senses Sexy Exploration

A guide to get you out of your head and into your body and pleasure. Exploring your five different senses will help you connect with your body and pleasure, focus on the present moment and leave anything else outside the bedroom. 

Pleasure Exploration

A guided practice that will help you explore different pleasurable sensations in your body. As you follow this guide's practice suggestions, you will discover what feels good, and release tension that might be keeping you from fully surrendering.


Explore your Sexual Fantasies

Use this guide to reflect on different sexual fantasies. How do you feel about each of them? Does any of them turn you on? Have you heard about all those sexual practices and fantasies?



Free e-book

This e-book will teach you five easy steps to make your woman squirt